For those who made need portable AC units

Woot has refurbished Delongi ACs today (or until they sell out).

$227 shipped.


I have a fan directed under the right side of my machine, blowing over ice packs. I just swap out the ice packs as they melt

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I tried that last year with the PRU when it got into the 80s in the basement (lots of 90s outside) but it wasn’t effective. I even created (with the GF) a special shaped & designed ice and fan holder to direct the air into the intake slots.

I had decided I’d move it upstairs into a/c space this summer when it gets hot again but need to build an exhaust solution for a side opening casement windows. But if I could leave it in the basement I’d rather do that for the few days it gets that hot.

Well in all fairness, the room is already air conditioned so I am starting with cool air. The ice pack setup is just a additional boost. I have a portable AC unit I used last year when my real AC went out. I found that the heat it generated through the exhaust hose (no matter how short the run) made it less than an ideal solution. I ended up duct taping towels, foam, anything I could get my hands on, around the hose to try and insulate it better.

Home Depot sells an insulated flexi hose. It’s got a jacket of fiber insulation wrapped surrounding the flex hose. It makes for good sound insulation too (for the GF).

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You know, I tried some of that stuff and didn’t notice a lick of difference. (I’ve got a really short run though.)

What did work was this one, once I figured out how to get it to stick to the flange on the machine:

Absolutely no smell leaks out of that thing at all, and it’s a little quieter.

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Did you tape this up, or seal it in any way? I tried this same hook up kit and it leaked very badly.

You have to use the included gasket foam on the inside of the white plastic connector, and then yes, I did tape it into place with the foil tape, just to hold it in place.

That’s temporary until I can get hubs to cut down one of the connectors for me - it’s just too long for that short flange. It’s a bit unstable.

But yeah, that sucker doesn’t let anything out. (It’s not taped all the way around - just partially to keep it in place.)