Force Friday fail


Well, I tried jumping in with the cool kids, but I’m still a noob with a lot to learn. Can’t blame a guy for trying.


I love it.


Looks a lot better than the first one i did, which I don’t believe I ever showed. :smile:


You’ll probably need to boost the contrast or adjust levels to the point that it posterizes and doesnt resemble a photograph with smooth color transitions.


You’re definitely braver than I am, and you faired better on your first one than I did too! Not sharing… :slight_smile:


A good trick I learned in art school is that to check your contrast, even on a computer screen and in color, squint and look at your image. You will be able to see if the shades are different enough or they all blend together.


I thought you did a good job of catching the imagery of the shot.

The subtleness would have been lost with any greater detail/sharpness.


Thank you! This one is going on the wall to remind myself to try harder before pulling the trigger (or pushing the glowing button).


I’m feeling brown copic marker… stippling lightly down one side of the figure…


Is that draftboard? I don’t know that you’ll get a decent image engrave out of it at all.


Yep, I know I know, rookie move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like a part from Star Wars onTatooine :stuck_out_tongue:


Its perfect…it was the time in the movie during a big sand storm…:smile::wink:


Agreed - cool subtlety!


Yup. This will be me!