Forged Business Cards


Ordered some of the wooden business card blanks from and tried them out. I got the aspen ones, they’re thin plastic laminated on both sides with a thin layer of aspen. A lot sturdier than i thought they would be. They are very hard to rip in two by hand.
I plan on re-arranging the words, adding more contact information, as well as a few more surfaces that can be engraved.


Oh those turned out very nicely! :grinning:


I just got a box in the mail of remnants I ordered from there for bookmarks. Please let me know what settings you used. I ordered cherry, walnut and koa. So far I only unwrapped the koa. Kind of wavy. I may have to save those for only cutting through or weight them down with magnets.


If i remember correctly, i used 70% speed, and 40% power. It seems to burn through the top layer of wood down to the plastic in the middle, but stops there.


Koa wood, nice! I’m constantly having people tell me I need to get some, because it’s really popular here (Hawaii). Unfortunately it’s really expensive and I’m not ready to jump into that range yet.

@ousniper I’ve been meaning to order/make business cards, so I’m really happy that you’ve found someone for me to test out. Your card came out great!


The cards look great. Thank for the lead on material.


Nice! Thank you for the link … will definitely be checking it out.


The sales rep at Woodcraft told me about using a spray (which they sold) to flatten veneers, you coat the wood with it and press it between two pieces of flat material like MDF.

Here’s an article about the concept:


Thanks! This veneer though is sandwiched back to back with a plastic sheet between. Good to try though for non sandwiched veneer.


very nice! was wondering how durable they would be.