Forging Heavy Metal

A friend’s brother was celebrating his 50th and she asked if I could make some glasses/coasters with some of his favorite bands. She gave me the 4 band names and here are the coasters I came up with. Due to a short time frame, I had no slate coasters so had to use Michaels ceramic (4 in square) painted coasters…

I made a quick coaster holder as well (wanted to engrave on the sides but ran out of time…)

The glasses weren’t made on my :glowforge: , just cut stencils with my silhouette and sandblasted them.



So metal! These turned out great.

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Really nice work and a great use of the Silhouette!

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Oh man, you weeded some tiny details for the glass etching. Respect!

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Got my money out of this Amazon purchase!



Can you tell me the settings you used for the ceramic tile? I used the settings recommended by others on a tile we purchased over the weekend, but it barely made a scratch in the coating (ours are dark tile, similar to yours). Wondering what we’re doing wrong.

This is cool…I love stuff like this. It reminds me though of a Storm Trooper. :wink:

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We’re not supposed to discuss settings outside Beyond the Manual – but if you do a search over there, you’ll find a bazillion (or thereabouts) posts about settings for tile. :slight_smile:

These are great! Total success! Also love that you did the glasses!

I like the holder for the coasters.

have you ever cut the sand blasting stencil material on your GF?

I got some of that recently but won’t use it until it is MUCH warmer outside. my sandblaster is old school outdoor variety.