Forgive me if this has been asked

I searched and didn’t find this exact topic. The “turn air filter on” in the advanced settings, should this we turned on, as in does this refer to the internal fan that is part of the glowforge unit, or is this in reference to the compact filter? It’s clearly much quieter with it set, but is it supposed to be



What the external air filter option does is enable or disable the loud exhaust fan in the rear left of the machine because the air filter has its own built in fan. If you do not have the external air filter attached or an adequate in line fan you should have the option disabled so the exhaust fan in the machine in on.


Basically, if you have your Glowforge hooked up to a hose hanging out a window, it should be set to OFF (no Glowforge Air filter attached). If you are using the external $900 air filter, or if you have an inline fan between your machine and the window, then you should have it set to ON (Glowforge Air filter Attached). Without using a filter or an inline fan, you must have the internal fan running which is as noisy as a small plane. If you are using a filter or inline fan, then you rely on their “sucking” ability to clear the exhaust from your machine and they are usually exponentially quieter than the internal fan.