Forgotten Pikachu Statue - Swole Pikachu

Hey everyone!

Stick with me for a moment lol I know this is SUPER weird in comparison to what we normally make. AKA - No map this week lol

We had just bought a new Artillery Sidewinder X1 3d printer and I requested the first print be of Swole Pikachu.
We had purchased Marble PLA (Atomic Filament Marble PLA Filament 1.75mm 1KG) and I thought it would be super funny to make a statue.

This build is based on the a model by user “Cyenyee” on Thingiverse (Ultra swole Pikachu by cyenyee - Thingiverse). I wanted to make it look like a forgotten shrine with a murky pool of water and cracked tiles surrounding this muscular masterpiece.

I used the glowforge to make a base and templates for the foam pieces then weathered it all to look aged!

I made a video showing step by step how I made this thing -

Thanks everyone!!!
Nicole C
When Geeks Craft


Awesome. A little gold glitter to make it look like goldfish in the water…

  1. That is a ridiculously clean print for FDM. I assume you sanded it to get that amount of smoothness. When I started watching the video I would have swore it was a resin print.

  2. The foil for texture on the foam is genius. I would have spent days meticulously going in with an exacto and modeling tools to get what you did in a few minutes.

  3. Just a great piece all around.



Suprisingly NO SANDING lol i sprayed the model with some clear acrylic three times though to fill in some lines. the Sidewinder X1 on super high detail created one HECK of a clean print. one of the cleanest we have ever printed. I wondering too if the PLA was just really good lol


save those settings. that is a great print

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most def

It would have to be magikarp or goldeen, just to really add that pokemon vibe. :rofl:

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Looks great! but it looks more like rabbit on steroids, to. Or this huge muscular kangaroos I’ve see video and pics of.