Formerly impossible

Those who waited months or years were gifted with a special design of a six-inch ruler that had to be printed at the top of wood or acrylic, but printed at the bottom it would be reversed. Also while they had transparent acrylic they did not have :proofgrade: sea glass acrylic.

So I am looking at a piece of scrap and realized I could do what could not be accomplished at that time.


You know what would be a clever touch is if GF made premium features available on all free designs even if you’re not a subscriber. Kind of a permanent beta on those projects in addition to the trial period they’ve got planned.


On a lark, I did one on leather just because I could and have found it useful from time to time.
Transparent would also be useful.


because we can now flip it I can engrave the back and have the lines on the bottom where they are more accurate


Parallax error be gone. Wonderful idea.

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Smart idea

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