Fortune mentions Glowforge

I quite like this quote:

Confronted with this logic, Shapiro admits that cheap goods may become fungible commodities, and will be priced accordingly, yet he insists that true artistry will shine forth all the more. “Over time,” he says, “the things that will have value and the entrepreneurs who will last are the people who transform that basic commodity, who use the Glowforge as a means to create something utterly unique.”


Yes, very insightful…and true!


Revealing comment “beta users” in the plural. I was beginning to worry that there appeared to be just one machine outside starbase GF, and maybe one inside.


Yes, he has mentioned “public” betas twice, that and my tingling common sense says at least Tony has one and likely Nick and Shell…
There could be many more for all we know. Being the second time he stressed public, I would confidently wager Josh is not the only one.

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