Forum hopper - images of glowforge projects

I would love to be able to come to this forum and see photos of projects people have made. I was thinking a preview of OP photos where the title is would be convenient. That way I would have a better idea about which posts to dive deeper. As more posts appear, reading all of them becomes less appealing and clicking in and out of posts is kind of time consuming.


I also like it when forums let you mouse-over the thread title to give a preview of the thread. I’d like it if the first few lines of text were displayed as well. If Discourse has these features, I’d advocate for turning them on.

Thread titles that have something to do with the content of the OP are helpful too. Things like “I received this” or “Just a quick one” are all but totally useless. But since humans are incredibly resistant to being asked to do anything they aren’t already doing and also take it as a personal insult when someone else changes their thread title (for things as small as correcting the spelling of a word) hoping for this is probably a lost cause.


I would love for @discourse to implement a feature like this. Since it is hosted service, it is up to them whether such a thing gets added or not.

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