Forum in read only mode?


Anyone else seeing this message pop up on every page?

If I try to reply or even “like” I get a warning that I can’t do that.

But hitting the page refresh button puts it back into writeable status. Any Discourse experts know what’s going on? (I’m using Chrome by the way.) Just started yesterday on my phone and is now happening on my laptop. Thought maybe @Dan was tired of the “when will my Glowforge arrive” questions and was enforcing a break :smile:


I’ve had the same thing the last few days


Possible that the forum-wide vote carried through and the banishment verdi… I mean… maintenance … Admins were carrying out backup/cache-cleaning maintenance with the forum software.


I’m seeing it happen on one tab if I have more than one tab open in the Forum in Firefox. (Which I do sometimes to find a reference to post.)

So only one “active” tab for the forum at a time.


Sorry I can’t see your reply or respond at this time.


This made me chuckle. Play to their paranoid side.


Why is firefox running slow? Oh, I have three tabs of Gmail open and two of this forum, and 28 others that I said I’ll get back to in a minute, three days ago. :innocent:


Yup, seeing it on my phone…(android)
At first I thought…oh darn, I finally got the boot…lol


I’m getting it too


Something is not right. Clicking on Unread gives me no access page. I can click other headings and go through. Useable.

IPhone works with Safari. Chrome on Ubuntu not.

Ok. Maybe not. This is strange. Have to give credit to Discourse tough. It is one solid platform from all I have experience.


I think I’m right on the cusp of being a regular vs a normal user, as I keep teetering back and forth as I access it the last couple months, which, given my bad luck, has not been the easiest to get a chance to get back to the forum. Now that we’re done with that run on sentence, I hope the forum stuff gets sorted out soon, it gives me heartburn.


Lets see if I can reply now…

woo hoo - yep!


I’ve seen it blip that message a few times too - I think it’s server maintenance. If it becomes a recurring problem, I’ll ping them.


Firefox has 23.
Chrome has 5.
Safari has 3.
Iphone has 16.


I’ve seen it pop up several times now. The last few times I saw it, it was the middle of the night.


Just happened to me for the first time in Firefox, Win7. And yet I can reply.

A computer lied to me. My faith in the universe is now shaken.


I had it happen also, but clicking the Reply button below the input box again allows the initial post to go through.


I’ve the message as well. But functions appear to be working normally for me (Chrome, BTW).
My sincere hope was that @dan was pushing some new life-changing update saying something like “We’ve decided to ship a month ahead of schedule. Happy Holidays!” But :frowning: then I saw his message that he’s seeing it, too. So so much for that idea.



Still happening this morning. I just click “ok” and then hit the button again and it works, but then it still pops up the next time.