Forum not working on iPad (Fixed)

So-this is not a glowforge problem, but I thought I’d see if anyone had any suggestions. When I’m using my iPad, I can access the forum, choose a thread, but the thread comes up with just the heading and nothing else. I’ve cleared the history, cache, etc. Updates, restarted-still nothing. On my phone or laptop, I can access everything. This is clearly a iPad problem. Any ideas?

Are you using the Discourse app, or a browser?

Working fine on my iPad Pro. Using Safari here.


I’m sure it’s just something going on with my iPad

I use it on Chrome browser on an old iPad. Maybe try that one to see if it works?

Maybe try a restart and make sure you’re up to date on updates. On the latest iOS you can tap on the AA in the url bar to load the page as a desktop page like I do.

I tried chrome and safari-both are giving me the same results

Thanks-I’ll give it a try. :+1:

I haven’t used my iPad in three months (so no updates), but I just fired it up and the forum comes up fine in Chrome and Safari. Sorry, can’t imagine what it could be.

Thanks for checking. I’m sure it’s just something with mine. I am going to update and see if that helps.

If all else fails, download the app! :slight_smile:

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Ipad mini 4 here: going okay.

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I’m using it on Chrome on my iPad Pro. Weird issue. :frowning:

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No major issues for me in Mobile Safari or the app on my iPad Pro.

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My iPad Pro works fine in Safari (doing it now in fact) I was going to suggest cache clearing, but you did it already (a corrupted file in cache can really hose things up - but of course no way to force a delete on an iPad like on the Mac - I’ve had to sudo rm -f a file in the cache when it got super corrupted in the past)

I did an update last night and this morning it’s working fine. :blush:


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