Found a Great Paint for Draftboard

Hello everyone. I am a Brand New Gloforge Gal… I am loving learning all about Laser printing and everything this machine can do. Any way, i found a Great paint for my wood. the photo i uploaded is actually only 1 coat of this Unicorn Spit Gel Stain and Glaze. This stuff is pretty amazing and comes in all differant, vibrant colors. i found it on Amazon. all colors and sizes. the colors are so vibrant. i wanted to post this because i know people like me were looking for a good paint for coverage on there stuff. I hope it helps someone. I look foward to chatting with you all.


awesome!thanks for the tip. bonus, unicorn spit smells good!


Omg yes it does! im loving this stuff

It’s come up before, you might find some other tips in these threads.


Welcome!!! I am also new only been here since last September. The Glowforge community is an awesome place. Anytime you have a question or a problem come here for help. There are so many talented and gifted people here that will help you.

If you ever want to send a private message to someone click on their name. You will see the word message.

The best advice I can give you —— read the PDF manual for your Glowforge. Read every single word and on every single page. I have read the entire manual at least 5 times.

Thank you for the tip on the paint.

If I did it correctly this is the link to the manual.

Jimmy Wayne Westie is the name of my Westie. My name is Elena and I am in Knoxville, Tennessee


Thanks for the info.

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thank you i will check them out :white_check_mark:

OMG Thank you ! I was wondering where that manuel was…LOL…my Gloforge set up did not include the manuel. ive been reading through the community’s threads and watching youtube trying to learn everyhing i can. I am brand new to laser printing so i can use all the help i can get. Thankyou so much for your help. I probably will message you from time to time with questions…lol i hope i wont be a pain…Thank you for the info…and for welcoming me.

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Please message me!!! I would love to help. If I can not help I will direct you to one of the community gurus. Take your time and do not rush the process. There are going to be many times you will say “What happened?” “What did I do?” “OMG the machine is broken!!!”

I am also new to lasering. Everything I have learned has been in the last 7 months. I am going to send you a quick private message so you can see what it looks like. When you come into the community and you click on your profile it will show everyone who has replied to your message. A heart means they liked it. If you see a arrow that means they have commented on your post.

Read the manual. In a week I will quiz you on it!!!


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