Four Leaf Clover (making your own Lucky Charm)

Probably better guides out there for things, but I thought while I was making this I would add a walkthrough of steps for those of you just starting out and wondering how to do things in your art program of choice.
The instructions are rather general. You will have to figure out the equivalent actions in the art program you are using.

Steps for making a four leaf clover to be used on two color (0.060) acrylic. Base design is just 4 heart shaped leaf patterns.

1- Set a parameter guide to make connecting the copies easier and design a base leaf using a thick line (I used a 4 point but a thicker one would make the outer edge more defined).
2- Copy the design and align to guide in 180, -90 and +90 degree segments. Add a stem.
3- The rounding of inside end caps is not really necessary, but I usually try to do it.
4- Remove the guides and verify size is good for final earrings.
5- Verify No Fills. Make a blk+wht bit map, then trace high quality (should show no fills).
6- Save this image as a palleted PNG (for transparency) and import it onto new design sheet after save (this is your engrave).
7- Rotate it to accept a top loop tag, and join tag to (same color) outline.
8- Copy and mirror, then save as SVG.
9- Should have an 3 step design showing in Glowforge UI that you can arrange for an engrave, small hole cut and then outline cut.

So then, make your own for art program practice, or just use the included SVG. Up to you… (408.6 KB)
Hope this is helpful for someone. Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s (eventually).


Will work on many resources.


Nice instructions! Thank you for sharing.


Nifty! Thanks for the lesson.

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Great instructions! Thanks!

I really want to move this over to the tutorials section, @brokendrum – would you be okay with that?

Excellent lesson and result. Thank you.

Thanks. Will work through this next week. Always love learning new things.

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Thanks for the tutorial…I think I know what I will be up to this weekend. :slight_smile:

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Now this might be a reflection on me, but Everytime I see your logo/Maker’s Mark, I read “drunken druid” :yum:


Been known to drink Jack and stare at the trees and furry critters.
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I understand your desire, but it is where I want it.
Free Designs will attract the people I aimed this at.

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Kind of you to write this up. I’m sure it will help more people than you realize.

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Thanks for sharing.

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