Four Shaft Weaving Loom Open Design

Anyone want to build a 4-shaft loom? Open design with laser-cut and some 3D-printed parts:


@kelley1 …? is that you? :slight_smile:


'Fraid not; I already have 2 rigid heddle looms, one 8-shaft table loom and two floor looms that I’m not paying attention to. They’d be extremely jealous if I made this one.


Oh wow. Thanks for the post. I need another hobby like I need (another) hole in my head but this is very very tempting.


Ohhhhh, cool! I’m in the last stages of designing a fully laser cut rigid heddle loom (I just realized that my gears are backwards for the warp and cloth beams!), and have never woven on a loom before. Bookmarked that site to deep dive into her documentation, and maybe even make that loom someday :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

Thank you for sharing your find!


Well that certainly puts my loom to shame! I had my husband make it for me and have it attached to the wall to keep it out of the way. (The white thing below it is a gate to lock the dog in the craft room if we need to.) The project on there right now is twine from our hay bales. Very rough stuff, hence the gloves hanging there! It’s a rug to go outside the door, and has been done for some time, but because it’s such a simple thing, I can’t figure out how to finish it off and get it off the loom! Th edges aren’t the straightest, but since it’s just for us, and is my first attempt at any kind of weaving, it’ll do.

I looked at that link - I’ve never used a DXF file before. The Glowforge will pick that up? Never mind - I tried it and see that GF converted it to an SVG. Now I know! BUT - I don’t know what the PLA, TPU and “multiplex wood” are? I assume PLA is plastic knobs made on a 3D printer? Which I don’t have. But I’m going to bookmark this because who knows…someday.


Very cool! I’m definitely not even clicking on that link because I too


I’d suggest leaving long warp edges, and then with a large needle (crochet hook) tuck them back through the weave…as long as your end bit is on the underside they should be practically invisible - and with rough thread, they’re not going anywhere.

There are places like that you upload the design, they print it and ship it back to you. I haven’t used them, but their name comes up on the forum often enough that I know they’re out there and people like their work :slight_smile:


Thank you @deirdrebeth. I appreciate it. I will try the crocheting edges for certain.


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