Foxie Clock - Edge-lit RGB LED acrylic Arduino clock kit (

Hi everybody,

Wanted to share my completed project with you all… a fully open source, retro, RGB edge-lit clock for everyone that I use my Glowforge to manufacture. The digits (acrylic) and case lids (various woods and black acrylic) are all laser cut with this fantastic machine.

It was featured yesterday on hackaday (Foxie Clock Works In Two Ways | Hackaday) and hackster (The Foxie Clock Is a Retro-Looking, Edge-Lit Clock -, which I’m pretty happy about!

I’m selling the kits on Tindie ( for anyone interested.

Thanks for looking!


You should post a pic in your article so I know if I want to be subjected to leaving the forum.

OK so I went to look. Not bad, and your price for a kit is really reasonable. Good luck!


Sorry about missing that in the first post, I didn’t immediately see how to add images :slight_smile: … they should be there now. Thanks for looking!


That’s great. I have been wanting to do something like this and the Lixie clock but I have way more wants than I do time. Nice work.


What a clever idea!

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Any chance of adding an option to just purchase the populated board for those of us with both a GF and a 3D printer?


Really nice! Unfortunately for me, I’m banned from buying any more clocks.


Welcome to the community, that’s quite the breakout project! :sunglasses:

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Stoli, I do have an option for no-3d-printed-parts currently. I’ll add an option for no laser cut parts for you, will save about $10 :slight_smile:

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Welcome, great way to start.

It’s been quite a year! I’ve learned a lot and kept working on my design skills. I’ve now owned my Glowforge for exactly a year and I still love the hell out of it. My only complaints are partially solved by going Premium:

  1. Time that the Glowforge takes to prepare a design to print – it feels like it has slowed down over the last year though I’ll admit I haven’t timed the “preparing” time to be absolutely sure.
  2. I wish that rather than recommending avoiding cutting non-proofgrade materials entirely, proofgrade was presented as a “first tier” option while also providing good information for dialing in cutting speed, focus height, and power for various other materials. I think this is a shortcoming that I’d like to see Glowforge work on.

Regarding the Foxie Clock, I’ve created a design for beautiful exotic wood cases that is laser cut (on my Glowforge, of course!), routed, sanded, and finished (see the case below). It is one of my favorite projects this year.

I also continued to work on the digit design to make them more sturdy, readable, and better looking (highly subjective but yeah!).

Pics below. Enjoy!!


The various types of woods you are using are beautiful and go well with the clocks. Can you show some finished pictures of your clocks? Do you have a website? Beautiful work on your cases. :blush:


David, my website is Thanks for asking! I don’t have good pictures of the new digits in the wood cases yet, but I will update those soon. They look amazing – I sent one to my aunt with padauk in the notches of the digits instead of the dark gray acrylic I normally use. Quite distinctive. Here’s a picture of it, made from Padauk and Zebrawood:


Does the price for the wood case include the clock mechanism also?

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Yes it does, I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. The pictures of the wood case really should include pictures of each case with digits in them, I’ll take care of that as soon as I can.

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No worries. I just thought it was a little much for the box. A decent price with clock. And gorgeous wood.