Foxie Clock - Edge-lit RGB LED acrylic Arduino clock kit (

Hi everybody,

Wanted to share my completed project with you all… a fully open source, retro, RGB edge-lit clock for everyone that I use my Glowforge to manufacture. The digits (acrylic) and case lids (various woods and black acrylic) are all laser cut with this fantastic machine.

It was featured yesterday on hackaday ( and hackster (, which I’m pretty happy about!

I’m selling the kits on Tindie ( for anyone interested.

Thanks for looking!


You should post a pic in your article so I know if I want to be subjected to leaving the forum.

OK so I went to look. Not bad, and your price for a kit is really reasonable. Good luck!


Sorry about missing that in the first post, I didn’t immediately see how to add images :slight_smile: … they should be there now. Thanks for looking!


That’s great. I have been wanting to do something like this and the Lixie clock but I have way more wants than I do time. Nice work.


What a clever idea!

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Any chance of adding an option to just purchase the populated board for those of us with both a GF and a 3D printer?


Really nice! Unfortunately for me, I’m banned from buying any more clocks.


Welcome to the community, that’s quite the breakout project! :sunglasses:

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Stoli, I do have an option for no-3d-printed-parts currently. I’ll add an option for no laser cut parts for you, will save about $10 :slight_smile:

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Welcome, great way to start.