Fractal puzzle madness!

I finally cracked the fractal code and after hours of hair pulling I have created it! 20 minutes of cutting and 40 of weeding the masking. I couldn’t use tape due to the fragility of the pieces. Tada! Thanks @joe for the help.


Looks great!

Aren’t you going to take all the pieces out so we can see how it looks?? Inquiring minds want to know! :wink:


Very cool! What’s your plan for using this?

Awesome work! That looks great!
Yea, I used tape the first time and almost snaped some the pieces in half. Not fun :frowning:

Nice Hilbert curve !
I have had tape many times that might break the piece if taken off as is but have used alcohol hand cleaner to dissolve the adhesive first and then it falls off.

That really looks nice. I love the wood grain, which also serves to complicate solving the puzzle. Well done.


I also made this puzzle and loved it! Here is a little chea…err…helper file! :wink:


Beautiful! What is the material and thickness? Was it PG? If you did this manually, would you please share the settings? Thanks!

This is PG.