Franz Kafka Sculpture

Saw this piece posted online and it got me thinking of the cool things that can be done with layers and movement. I see something like this being done on a smaller scale with acrylic turning out great.


Oh thats very cool. I like it.

Its also a TON of servos.


I really wanted it to morph into a bug, but that’s probably a little too unsubtle. Lol.

I’m assuming it’s the same artist, but there’s a very similar statue in North Carolina (or maybe South Carolina?) that does the same thing and spits water. Just a nondescript face, though. Don’t think it represents anyone.


maybe it would be possible to design diferent forms that change depdending how you turn the layers :wink:

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I wonder how it would work to build something like this.
A “digital” sundial.


There was actually a whole discussion about the sundial here that has some good insights. 3D printed digital sundial

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