Frat house coasters

Made some coasters for my son and his friends. He attends George Washington University and lives in a house on Olive St. that has earned the nickname “The Olive” from his fraternity brothers. I put together some royalty free logos and designed the coasters in Inkscape. I engraved them on proofgrade maple and coated them with resin. I cut peel and stick cork and applied that to the bottom. I used magnets to keep the cork flat while being cut to size. Once I had the system down, I made some more for one of his best friends who lives at another of their fraternity outposts named “The Lion’s Den.” Reliving college vicariously through coasters? Guilty. It beats the alternatives!

Finished product

Before resin

After resin

Cork with magnets

Made some quick coaster holders out of scraps



they look lovely! well done!

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Thank you!

Those are sharp, nice job.

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My GF arrives tomorrow and the posts I’m seeing tonight (like your coasters!) are gonna make it very hard to sleep tonight!!! It feels like Christmas Eve!! Your work is absolutely beautiful!!


Nice! Does the resin make them too slippery? I am curious about resin - looks like fun to do.


Your son has the coolest coasters in town! I love the finished look that the resin adds.


These look amazing! Could you provide any resin product information or tips?


Great design and detail! Nice of you to make some for his friend also…


I bought Envirotex Lite resin at Michael’s, because I could buy a small quantity. I removed all the masking on the surface, also using compressed air to clean out debris. You must keep the masking on the bottom because it peels the excess resin off. It’s almost impossible to get rid of without sanding if you don’t. I elevated the coasters on squares of corrugated cardboard that I cut with a utility knife from some IKEA packaging. You’ll need a small blowtorch to get rid of bubbles and this is tricky. They are readily available on Amazon along with the butane you need, but you need a very light touch to get rid of bubbles without heating the wood which creates bubbles that are impossible to get rid of. You need a good drop cloth to protect your surroundings. Still haven’t told my wife about the small spill I had :zipper_mouth_face:!

Cardboard platform


Asked him today and he said it hasn’t been a problem. I guess they use resin to make bar surfaces a lot.

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Those are awesome! Make coasters is fun.

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Wow! Thank you so much!


Resin coating is a great touch.

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Looks fantastic! I’ve tried several coats of polyurethane spray and I never get the shine you got on this! I’m (clearly) not educated on my coatings. Would I be looking for a can of resin that I “paint” on? Or a spray? Or…?

Edit: I see you’ve answered this question already. :slight_smile:

That’s a thing?! I always get a roll of thin cork from Michael’s and glue it onto my coasters. Your way seems to much easier!

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Yes! Got 64 on Amazon for maybe $12 or $15 if I recall. Had I gotten them before I started, I would have just sized the coasters to the cork to make it even easier and skip a step!