Freakin Laser Beams... My first day with Glowforge



So i wanted to share my youtube video here! Can someone show me how?


The following images should help.

Look at the icon bar above the text area:

Click on the “Chain Links”:

Then copy your YouTube link (under the “Share Button” on YouTube and paste it in the HyperLink box:


Copy the url from your browser,

paste it into the message.


Is there a way to embed it?? :slight_smile:


Yes, when you paste the You Tube link into the post, Discourse will automatically embed it.


wow… Magic!!!


:grinning: That was a really cute video! (Love the excitement!) :smile:


I was expecting Narwhals :unamused:, but I clicked anyway.


OMG that was the cutest video! Loved how excited the both of you are, reminded me of how I felt back in December.