FREE 19 part Leatherworking class on Instructables



Not sure if this has been shared yet. I haven’t watched all the way through but it seems like something many of you would be interested in. You have to be a member but thats free, as is the class.


Thanks for the post. Will definitely be taking a look. Leather is figuring rather prominently in my Glowforge plans.


Hey, thanks for this! I do want to learn some simple leather working techniques, so I will check out the link.


Nice find. Thanks for sharing.


Happy birthday :birthday:


Thanks! Actually it’s my Cakeday, which is the one-year anniversary of my joining the forum.


Thank you for the link for the leather working class. I know nothing about working with leather, so I am very interested in learning something new. :thumbsup:


Excellent course :grinning: I think I’m only jump the class Lesson 3: Cutting Leather :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because im going to use my Glowforge


No, YOU don’t understand; I have a L-A-S-E-R


Instructables has some surprisingly good classes. I bought a membership there because I enjoyed the concrete course.


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It’s your cake day. Anniversary


Ooooohhhhh, thank you!


Happy cakeday @nunzioc!


happy cake day :slight_smile:


Another who has passed the extreme patience test! :sunglasses: