Free 3D Models from McMaster-Carr

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Many of you will no doubt be familiar with the McMaster-Carr catalog of parts and supplies. They carry over 550,000 items ranging from screws and bolts up through pretty much any industrial part you can think of including lasers.

One incredible feature of their online catalog is that you can download 3D models and 2D tech drawings of thousands of items for free. Here’s a screenshot showing the various CAD formats available for a 10mm hex nut:

As a 3D printing enthusiast, I’ve found this to be a priceless resource. Thought I would share this, as there are many, many ways they could be useful to GF designers.

Take a look at
Drill down to a specific part and if CAD files are available, you see something like this:



Fantastic resource in the 3D printing world! Many thanks for the reminder! :grinning:


If anyone has a need for a hard to find fastener, please let me know. For 10 years or more I ran a store on the side specializing in these products as well as mil spec and other exotics like silicon bronze, monel, navel brass, 316 stainless etc. Some examples of strange threads include the gun sizes, m24-1.0, 3"-5, 1 ½-12, etc. I once had 100 class 12 foundation bolts custom made and individually tested for strength compliance in 1 week for use in the Chicago Spire project.


oooo, thats really cool. Im building something pretty intricate at the moment, so theres a chance I might need your services in the somewhat near future


I’ve been modeling a rough version of a CNC router in Sketchup but would like to use OnShape for a 3D model to get accurate parts. Almost all the hardware I will be using is in McMasters-Carr, so it will save lots of work. But still will be a big project to learn with.


When my engineer partner told me about this, I just about had a cow. It’s such a brilliant feature.

Oh, good share! Sometimes I just don’t think of things that I know that others might not. McMasters-Carr has become my go to for so much because not only are there cad renderings but they import straight into Fusion 360 to become part of your model.
To top everything off, they have reasonable prices and a warehouse in ATL so most things I do standard shipping on is over night or at least two day delivery.
All the hardware in my knife sharpeners excluding handle material and the ceramic is coming from them.


I must personally thank you for this…never heard of McMasters-Carr before…this is a grayt find for me…very much appreciated…Merci Beaucoup !

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Thanks for the idea. A small nitpick: there’s no s in the name. It’s McMaster-Carr or simply McMaster among people who are already familiar.

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I would never have thought about using their catalog for that. Thank you for that tip.

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I had no idea this was a thing! You da man!

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Bookmarked! Thank you for the awesome resource!!!

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Wow, that’s phenomenal! I’ve found parametric bolt/nut designs on Thingiverse, but it would be really cool to be able to 3D print “to spec” parts :slight_smile: