Free Air Filter

I built this DIY air filter from these plans –

Here is a picture of the one I made.

Air Filter

I received my official Glowforge air filter and no longer need this one. It seems to work fine, but I have no way of telling for sure. All I can say is that it worked fine for me. This would be a “use at your own risk” kind of thing. It has received a relatively light amount of use and I have the rest of the bag of unused activated charcoal. I am happy to give this to anyone who wants it. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and you would need to pick it. I’ll hold on to it for a few days before I dismantle it.

Craig Hickman


You might want to hold on to that one as it will likely be cheaper to replace that one than the Glowforge one even if the Glowforge one does a better job. :grin:



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