Free Art / Book Stand - Personal Use

Thank you for sharing! lovely design

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Those open places are nice, but I found a lot of issues and some of it got left behind when I was fine tuning the location. so I went back and rounded all the sharp corners to lessen the burn-through bugaboo and then each a complete object so there would not be any “left behinds”.


Thinking about it I decided I wanted one for the tripod too


Thanks for sharing the art/book stand design.


Thank you for being so generous in sharing your design for the stand. That’s something I can always use for various things.


It’s perfect as a display stand in my gift shop! THANK YOU!!!

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Oh cool! Do you have a pic of how this looks together???

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Unfortunately it is held on the tripod with a ring magnet and the one I had was not strong enough though the Gorilla glue I put it in place with worked better than I have ever seen it work before.

So it fell off the tripod and broke a foot so I sawed off the other foot and it is a refrigerator magnet holding a broom and mop on the side of the refrigerator with a jury rig assist from above.

I will probably make another when I find the right magnet


Well, I made another and this time with a 3\4" hole instead of half inch, I also did a layup for one small enough for the phone but have not cut it out yet.


Hey, Etsy tells me we’re neighbors! (I live in Battle Ground.) :blush:


Woooo a local!! We should collaborate on something. Anything. I’m a stay at home mom, save me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I shrank the base to be wide enough for a phone and a hole for the tripod that should be a hair further back for better balance but done is done at least for the moment . I can post the svg but not from the same place as pictures.



Haha, been there, done that, I hear you! I work Tuesday - Thursday, so Friday - Monday are mostly available for forgeplay. On Fridays our 8yo granddaughter comes after school to spend the night, but if you have kids of compatible ages she might be persuaded to share me. :wink:


Interesting side benefit to this stand design. It would seem that stood up differently this design has an additional use…


Thank you!
Unfortunately I cut the original without paying much attention to if it would work for the 4x4 tile I am using. :persevere: So I’m sitting here kicking myself and thinking about what I will need to do to make it fit and… voila! I find your post. Saved me a bunch of time - thanks again!
<note to self: read ALL the posts on a thread before using the file! :roll_eyes:>


What’s funny is I just had someone ask about a scaled down version TODAY and you saved me boatloads of time just now.


Thanks for the generous share!
Looks really pretty in white, huh.

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Anyone have a 1/4" version?

Mine are built for that range. checking one that is handy the wood is .20.

Thanks for your generosity in sharing these with the forum. My wife was just asking for something to hold her cookbooks. I might try and adapt and scale this up a bit. The last thing I attempted failed as I think the binding on the cook books are so heavy that they want to sag in the middle. perhaps all I need to do is add a few supports as I think asking her to buy thinner cookbooks is out of the question :smile:


That’s a given. :smile: