Free Art / Book Stand - Personal Use

I would take a hard look at your local church where they keep Bibles ( perhaps Google images as well). You need references for things in that scale.

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They usually lay Bibles a lot flatter than I’d want my cookbook. Flat takes up too much counter space! :wink:

My solution (on the rare occasions when I cook, these days!) is to snap a photo of the recipe I want, dump it into Evernote, and display it on my iPad – which WILL work nicely on @Janerlea’s stand.


So, is this for 1/4" or 1/8" PG wood? I can’t tell by photo or thread…

I say at the very top that it’s for 1/8


Mine uses 0.19 wood

Thank you for this! I made it using PG draftboard and had to shave it just a touch (literally used an xacto to remove just the laser burn on one side of the cut on each one) to get a beautiful locked fit

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Such a great share! Just what I was needing for engraved tile displays. Love all the modifications too. :heart_eyes:

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Total Noob here in need of help. I’ve been creating tiles for a week since I got my Glowforge - had a box of left over 4 inch white tiles- so they were quickly claimed as forging fodder. So, I totally need stands for them and I LOVE this design! I have tried all of the different design/files here and everything is either too big or too small for the them. I read that you can scale the original design down- but how do you do that?

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The easiest way is to grab the corner of the image in the :glowforge: interface (GFUI) and just shrink or enlarge. The problem with that method is that the slots will scale as well (meaning they’ll be either too large or too small for your material) if you’re making a large adjustment. I was able to use these exactly as is for 4" tiles…so try that first.

The other way is to do it in an art program (Inkscape/Illustrator/etc.) which involves copying the same sized slots onto an enlarged image and then merging them…honestly it might be easier to do that by opening it into a raster program ( and then after putting it together there, take it back to the vector program and tracing the bitmap. If that’s all Greek to you, let us know - there are lots of tutorials depending on which program you use :slight_smile:


Or you could just use this one: More Art / Book Stand Mods



Those I posted I specifically made to display 4"tiles but they work over a wide range including my 10" tablets and phone in the pictures.

This stand has been great for me. Enter decorating my workspace.


I can’t say how much I love that you all are still getting use out of this. <3


Just what I needed right now for a project. Thank you, @Janerlea!


Do I right click and save this file? Doing so only gives me the option to save as a picture which will only let me engrave. I do not see and option to save file as an svg when I right click. Any and all help appreciated!

Right click, then Save Image As… should let you save as an SVG.

I am not getting that option to save as SVG.

You on a Mac?

Right clicked on the drawing, not the picture?


I can not find it either :frowning:

It’s the very first thing in the very first post – right click on the line drawing and choose “save as” from the popup menu.