Free Browser - Based CNC Text Tool

Hi all!

I make lots of free and open source tools that you can use from a web browser. One of my tools, CNC Text Tool, might be especially useful for you.

It allows you to quickly make CNC friendly, single stroke text over existing or new SVG files and is packed with features. It provides you with a choice of more than 36 single stroke text from AxiDraw makers:

The tool is at
Enjoy and spread it far and wide!

And if the tool is helpful to you, please get me a coffee or donate to my “IcannotAffordGlowforgeYet” fund:


That’s very cool! Unfortunately it doesn’t work on an iPad (the download button gives an error) so I’ll have to test it later. Should be very useful though.

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What error are you seeing? If you use default browser, have you tried Chrome?

I tried both Safari and Chrome.

In Safari I get this:

In Chrome I get this:


Same error with Chrome here (IOS and app are all current.)

Are you uploading a custom SVG or is this with the default SVG ?

Just using what’s there.

I don’t use my iPad, but have one so I test stuff when people report issues.

Please check now, works on my iPhone now, hopefully works on the iPad. Simple JS fix

No change. I did refresh the page a couple of times.

It’s working for me now in Safari.

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Works for me in Chrome on Win10

Thanks for the tool-- this will come in quite handy!

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We were diagnosing an iPad issue…

This doesn’t bother me in the least - as I said, I don’t use my iPad for this, it’s for travel use primarily. Just checked because I keep it handy to troubleshoot for people who do.

(Still not working in Chrome)

I was providing general feedback to the OP. What exactly is your point, @eflyguy?

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