Free Cardboard Gift Tag

Need a big gift tag for a present? Here’s a free design that might work for you:

Gift (1.4 KB)

It’s intended for cardboard so you can make a bunch for basically nothing. The blue line is scored (speed 400 / power 16) while the black and red are cut (speed 180 / power 60). The red cut lets you attach it to an already-tied ribbon. If you don’t need that, you can just set that to ignore for a cleaner look.


Thank you - this is a good idea that can easily be embellished. Score a design on there and kids could really have fun coloring their gift tags.

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Darn! I’ve already finished wrapping and tagging everything. Well, there’s always the birthdays—thanks!

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Thank You.
I copied the Settings and put them in the svg, so I will always have them.

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Cardboard is a great material! Nice share.