Free Design - Change Tray

Started simmering this in Rhino3D back in January and left it on the back burner…

@Dan & crew’s new calibration upgrade left me with a perfectly useable piece of Draft Board, so let’s see how well the stacking works on real life prototypes:

Pretty good! Just need to adjust the tab key holes to account for the kerf and it’s ready to be offered up to the community. Here’s the SVG designed for Medium Draft Board (0.125" thickness) Enjoy!


Might revisit this in Acrylic some point down the road. Also, would it help to incorporate crosshair structure curves for downstream users? Example, crosshair curves in purple to serve as a locked anchor in centering a personal design/logo. Crosshair would then be deleted or set to ignore in the Glowforge UI.


Look at those cool GF trays! (Great job on the design too!) :smile:


Silly me, I just remasked it.
Does not look that bad as part of a project though.

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Thanks for the file! I whipped up a quick tray for my son to keep his glasses in at his bedside.


Looks so neat!
Where can I download the file?

It’s in the first post, but Discourse is hiding it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Right click in the original post, in the area shown here in blue, and select “save file as” or whatever your OS equivalent is. :slight_smile:



The initial test trays have been holding up remarkably well. The corner feet keep the flat bottom from pressing down on sauce drippings and the lightly glued joinery proved plenty strong for these past six weeks of abuse.

Let’s make a few more and take the opportunity to flip the main platform for some easy backside PEW PEWS. The revised SVG attached below butts congruous pieces together to make more efficient use of materials. Those that are into dissecting curves will find the shapes weren’t just slammed together in coincident fashion (creating dual overlapping curves in one spot). The Glowforge will only make one cut.
Faint SVG file above this line. Enjoy!

Revised in Affinity Designer v1.7


These look great… I’ve been following this post and love this idea… I don’t see the option to download though lol unless i’m blind and or overlooking the option i can’t seem to find it through out the thread… :crazy_face:

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@geek2nurse has it right

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ok i look harder for the original lol… i saw this but didn’t have any luck but Im probably missing the actual original post so ill go back… thanks :grinning:

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ok i figured it out and Yes it was totally hiding lol… i totally see it now but was only seeing a blank space before .

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