Free design / cut files and ideas

I was thinking about gift boxes for all the great gifts that will be made this year on the Glowforge. I tend to just design everything myself, but just for fun I searched for some free designs. I came across some great designs that should adapt well to laser cutting. I thought it might be nice to have a consolidated list of free designs.

Please share any sources you come across and cross link any random existing threads that have useful resources.

Free box / bag design files:


I have this site bookmarked. And thank you for your link.


The Dieline ( is a blog for showcasing cool packaging designs. Not sure that this one has any files per se that you can download & use, however as you’re looking for templates for unique package designs they have 2 free pdfs that gives you designs for all types of random packages (which you could recreate yourself in one of the programs, or simply draw on paper and have the Glowforge cut for you)…


Template maker (for boxes of all shapes and sizes):
enter link description here
And, while it may seem rather juvenile to some, there are tons of free resources for vector files if you search for die cutters like the Silhouette. Silhouette only uses files in the studio format - but there are tons of people sharing SVG files both in SIL groups and in groups for other cutters. I’ve had a SIL for several years and have amassed an obscene amount of files from my FB groups! :slightly_smiling:


I second that notion. I’ve got a Silhouette too and the community around it has shared a lot of patterns that can be easily adapted to lasering.

Also, math/science teachers throw around a lot of neat printable/cuttable shapes:


Whoops, here’s the link I meant to post: this is the 3d model section of her files
Especially handy if you’re just looking to get your feet wet with simple (usually cut from paper) 3d shapes.


Cross link to resource:

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This. Imagine a college dorm room which college students scrounging cardboard…I have access to poor college students. Hmm. :slightly_smiling:

I was thinking about this sort of pattern or any pattern really for a gift box. Then have tabs and slots where you fold it up, but you can see tissue paper through the holes but not the gift:

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Here is a great free plan that would be perfect for the Glowforge. Download the plan and put it right into the Glowforge and have at it. Cat and mouse mechanical device.