Free design: “Turn On The Fan” warning escutcheon

From my Obligatory escutcheon post:
Warning Escutcheon

The gray square is a size guide — if the SVG fails to import to your preferred app at the correct scale, just resize the whole thing until the square is 2.5 inches wide. (Set it to ignore when printing.)

To print two-sided on :proofgrade: medium clear acrylic:

  • Use @eljefe4’s hold down pins or similar to secure your material
  • First pass:
    • red circles: standard cut
    • blue circle: custom engrave — 500 speed, 75 power, 450 LPI, 2 passes, 0.375” focus
    • black text: ignore
  • Flip for second pass:
    • red + blue circles: ignore
    • black text: standard draft score

The custom engrave should make the middle part deep enough that the rest can fit down over the little bezel around the GF button, while leaving the top surface right up against the button for better edge-lighting the text. There’s probably some room for tweaking those settings further to get the desired depth and a smoother engrave — if anyone’s so inclined, feel free to reply with yours.


Says the person who forgets to start the fan. Love it.