Free Dremel

come 'n get it -

I usually use a “first come first served” policy for giving things away, but I have a feeling the dremel will be a popular item, so include a good “why you should give this to me” story if you request it. I’ll be especially predisposed to giving it to a charitable organization, Maker Space, teacher, student, etc. (or to someone passing it on to such a good cause) - and/or to someone who will list a gorgeous item to give to charity on levitada.


The dremel went to a Maker Space at a school in my local community. There was a lot of demand out there - many maker spaces at schools - so, if you have an extra dremel lying around, it can find a loving home quickly. Go ahead and use that as an excuse to buy an upgrade. Someone out there will make good use of your older one :relaxed: