Free Fusion 360 class


Just got an email announcement for a free 3D printing class using Fusion 360.

Click here

Looks to be for beginners :grinning: Probably be useful for learning for the GF too…


Thanks a lot!!! bookmarked and I’m going to register :smiley:


Jon-o-tron also published a free beginner’s guide to lasercuting

Weekly Highlights for January 8th-14th

Every now and then they send me emails about a training live stream, but it’s always going on while I’m at work. Thanks!

I wish autodek kept Tinkerplay. It was a great way for kids to learn about 3D printing. Looks like they sold it to Mattel for their machine.


Just saw this on Facebook: Fusion 360 Quick Start Virtual Lab

Welcome to Fusion 360! The Fusion 360 Street Team is hosting bi-weekly Fusion 360 Quick Start Virtual Lab to help our customers quickly close the knowledge gap while you start out with Fusion 360.

In this session we will cover:
User Interface / Navigation / Preferences
Managing Data
Sketch / Model
Sculpt Environment
Bodies & Components
Parametric vs Direct Modeling




Bookmarked too! And the next one is in my day-off :grinning:


Bookmarked both of these Classes! Thanks so much @smcgathyfay and @dwardio for finding and sharing these. :grinning:


I’m on the 4 hour class I linked to above right now. It’s pretty good. Have covered some of the logistics of the Fusion interface as well as some collaboration capabilities. We’re on a 10 minute break now before digging back in.


Glad to hear it! I’ve never been much of a 3D guy. Messed with various modelers from LightWave to 3DSMax to SketchUp, but never really got into it. Just not my thing. But here I am just installed F360 yesterday. I was completely amazed how intuitive it was to use. I had a primitive created to my specs, textured, and fully rendered in about 47 seconds. I was able to easily pan around the object, texture each face or the whole. I’ve never had that experience before. I literally shook my head and said “This is way too easy. I must stop now.” (I was at work.)


I had a brown out and lost about 5 minutes of the last hour before my router stabilized again. And now I just got a recorded call from the power company saying they will be turning off power in my neighborhood for some maintenance (likely related to whatever cause the brown out) starting in a half hour. Fortunately, this webinar is being recorded so I’ll have to pick up the last half later. Now, what to do with no power… Guess I’ll take a nap.


Holy cow! The guy just turned a sphere into a chair in about 45 seconds while describing what he was doing.