Free Halloween Decoration Thread


I made this in Illustrator and thought some of you might enjoy making one too!


(Edit: changed the size from 17x7 to 170x70)


That’s a Discourse thing…if you want it to show up full size, it helps to zip it first.

Great Word Art file, thanks for sharing! :grinning:


Thanks, Liam!

Depending on your vector editor of choice (AI, Inkscape, AD, CD, etc.), setting the document to 20 by 12 inches and putting the vectors inside that will almost always guarantee they come out at the intended scale in the GF app.

Edited: plus it’s a Discourse thing… :wink:


Looks like the “Discourse Thing” is that it mistakenly treats the image size of the SVG as pixels. In this case the SVG file clearly states it is using inches, so the image on the forum will be 1/96th the size it is supposed to be. However, that is easy to fix… I just saved the SVG file on my computer and then dragged it into this reply. What I see in the editor is a line that looks like this:


That “170x70” part is Discourse’s incorrect idea of the image size. If you change the numbers to something larger, the image will show up bigger. Here’s what you get by using 1700x700 instead:



Thank you for such a great tutorial on this issue. It has been a detriment to forum posts ever since they first gave a green light two years ago. Folks zip them up and post as a downloadable link, but that hides the immediacy that a larger representation of the file would convey. Having a larger image that you can right click and save directly is great. It’s another step you have to take when uploading an SVG and can be a bit intimidating because the markup in the edit box looks like something you shouldn’t be messing with since it is code and you can break the link easily if you put a character in the wrong place. But this fix is very easy. Put two zeros after each H and W number in the tag.

I can’t copy this image though and paste directly into Inkscape. it’s just a black rectangle. Got to figure that out. But I can copy your SVG and paste it directly into the design space or operations space of the Glowforge. That really makes it easy to test things for folks.


Thanks! I’m going to go use up some orange acrylic right now!


The missus will undoubtedly find a better place for this when she gets home.


I don’t know, I’d say you have placed it perfectly–goes great with all the other Autumn decor.


This is so cool that I can make a design and within mere hours someone, who knows how far way, has turned it into a physical object! I like it in Orange! Better than Amazon cardboard :wink:


Thank you for the file! Nicely done!