Free Hardwood Veneer + MDF For Experimenting

Free Hardwood Floor Samples To Experiment With

Was doing a Home Depot run and decided to look at the hardwood flooring. They had samples for all of them behind each of the displays.
When they told me they were free, I started to pile some up (until the wife Harumped and slowed me down). Ended up with about a dozen.
No clue what I am going to do with these, but will be a nice free resource to experiment on for something in the future, and if seems worthwhile I can always buy some full planks.

Workable area is 3.5” x 4.6” so large enough to do something at least.

Three photos to display these. First is a mug shot spread showing the first glommed series.
Then a breakdown of the measurements.
And last, the notice that it emits no formaldehyde.

Now for what to do with them.
Decisions, decisions…


They are tough to cut as is (if not impossible). I plane mine down to about 1/8 or as thin as my planer will let me. Then they cut fine - they also tend to engrave well (some better than others). Every time I go I pick up a couple…

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Is that an HD product, or does it carry another company’s label ?
I ask, as there’s no HD near me in Corinth, but someone else might carry the same product (and free samples :wink: )


Floor & Decor, Lowes, probably anyone selling hardwood floor supplies would have these samples.
I expected to pay 50 cent each, but was glad they were free…



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Lowes charges for them… HD has always been free


Nice find! Materials are hard to come by right now. Only one HD and everybody is still rebuilding after Irma and Marie. Aisles full of cleaning supplies and nothing on the lumber racks.


Waiting for some poly to dry so decided to burn one of these samples.
Guess I got lucky, because I tested the first one to destruction, but second came out great.

CAN be cut, (if come from back for some reason, seemed impossible from front).
I recommend sizing it prior to putting it into the Glowforge though, since it chars so badly by the time it does cut through. (Edge becomes ashen embers).

This is the proofgrade hardwood on left and the flooring sample on right.


And a fantastic dragon BTW no matter,

I had some oak parquet I was going to use for repair of a floor before the whole room went under water and I realized a sunken room should have a more water resistant flooring.

Each 12" tile has 4 - 6x6 pieces of 3\4" t&g sticks held together by two wires at each end and the whole thing Quarter inch oak sticks.

I don’t have a planer to knock them down to an eighth inch or less so it is either coaster or chain link and I don’t have much that lends itself that way but they are there when I do.

Friend with a bandsaw that could slice them for you ?


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