Free icons

Not sure who might want these but here they are.

Kind of a nice consistent set of svg icons.


Thanks! : )

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What a great resource, thanks!

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Interesting! I wonder if some younger folk have no idea that the “save to disk” Icon is a 3-1/4 drive, what one looked like, or where one might find something that could still read one?

And how many it would take (in physical volume) to have a terabyte of data?

Did the math. It would be a cube about 26 feet on a side :astonished:


Not many have used these.
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 11.39.34 AM


Hehe… I have some 8" floppies, and also a 25" platter from a VAX hard drive. At least I did, my mom might have tossed them in her most recent move over in the UK. I always wanted to make clocks from them.


For years I had a ~3’ diameter table made from an old data disk lost in one of several life changing “adventures”. I pick it up from a trash pile of a number of data disks from long before the 8" floppies were the latest things.


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