Free laser cut project plans

As it turns out, other laser maunfacturers post free design files in common formats for non-commercial use. These are often quite useful, when they list the material, power, and speed used. Makes setting up your own database a bit easier!



And of course Instructables:



Thanks! I hadn’t seen the Rabbit ones before.

FYI - my anti-virus software is warning me about potential malware on the Rabbit site.

I was looking into getting this vector pattern book and cd on amazon but wanted to ask here first if anyone knew of a good database of vector clip art and patterns that is royalty free.

Well, there is
most of which is licensed under CC Share Alike 3.0.

There is also
although it can be tricky with the free sites. sometimes it is an istockphoto (or similar) image re-uploaded, and thus not actually free to use. Do an image-search before using stuff for commercial purposes, to see if it is protected by copyright, and to make sure it hasn’t been used to death already.

Also… do you mean absolutely free? or royalty-free?
(Royalty-free kind of implies that you are willing to pay a one-time fee.)


Well aren’t you awesome. Thank you very much.

Both. I just want to build my library.

Paying opens up a lot more choices for you, like Getty Images (which also owns istockphoto ), shutterstock,
and of course Adobe Stock Images. Adobe has a 10 free image/ free month trial thingy.

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