Free non-flying glider pattern


I sure we have few in this group (aeronautical engineers) that could make a better design. Or at least one that can fly. I used chipboard, so that might also be a factor. Waiting to order some proofgrade balsa wood.



How fun! You are on the right track… Three suggestions for you:

  1. Tilt the rectangle “pass through” for the wing so that the leading edge is slightly higher than the trailing edge. EDITED: Elongate the slot so that you have about 1/2" play to adjust the wing forward and back as needed.
  2. Once you cut the wing, crease along the centerline where it intersects the fuselage to give it a slight V-shape (dihedral)
  3. (most important) tape a coin or two to the nose.

Here’s a set of plans that the AMA provides for Science Olympiads. I will eventually get around to making a GF-friendly version. Eventually. :sunglasses::thinking::roll_eyes::innocent:


What if you put a cape on it?


And an “S” perhaps?


Does it fall with style?


Yes it does.


Too many years ago to admit, a friend and I started with Whitewings designs and started designing our own similar card stock planes. We used plain or colored manila folders as material. I see now there are numerous similar planes now available online such as this one: .

Be warned though, when tuned right, they will definitely fly. We lost more than one to thermals :slight_smile:

Definitely a project for me to try on my new GF!


Wow white wings. That takes me back.


Well this has me thinking.

I have a stack of old whitewings that I never built. I’m gonna order some of the appropriate paper stock and see if I can laser cut them. Should be possible to scan the sheets and convert them to SVG?

Do you think the forge’s scan feature is accurate enough to manage it?