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I thought I saw a free shipping on proofgrade material thru December. I have a gift card, does that not apply?

As far as I can remember, that’s been for orders over $100 total.


I have a order for $116 and it is still charging for shipping. That is why I was asking! Doesn’t matter what I do, the shipping charge stays.

You might want to shoot support an email about it and ask…I might be mistaken if they recently changed it.

No, it’s still true… I just ordered some a couple of days ago and it worked. Maybe different though if you’re not in the US.

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Is Wisconsin in the US? LOL. I know I saw it somewhere! I sent off a email to support. I’ll just wait for them to get back to me. I know they are busy and I am not in a panic to get the stuff.

I placed an order yesterday for around $130 and was charged $10 shipping.

My recent order over $100 was free. I spend time here everyday and haven’t seen any announcement regarding a change.
If you were charged shipping for an order over $100 I would contact support.

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The banner on the shop is gone about free shipping over $100. Sounds like they silently removed it or there is a site glitch.

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All good things do come to an end…we might be at that point.
(Hope not…it might just be a glitch. fingers crossed.)


Screenshot 2020-12-23 112546

My last order in late November (yeah, I bought all the cherry ply :innocent:) shipped free.


Tax is new too, my last order was awhile ago but didn’t have tax. :frowning:

Yeah, but you are probably in New Mexico. Everyone knows that isn’t in the US :slight_smile:

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Except for the 10 boards I bought then too!

So is Free Shipping no longer offered? I was going to purchase some ply, had over $100, and shipping charge was $10.

It was free for orders over $100 at Thanksgiving time. Not sure about now.

Yeah, apparently it’s not free over $100 anymore. I had some gift cards I needed to use before I forgot about them and ordered a bunch of acrylic just now. Charged me $10 shipping and some tax.

Thanks for letting me know. This changes my buying habits. I was purchasing in bulk for free shipping, but no reason to do that anymore. I will just purchase what I need when I need it or go to Amazon.

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