Free Sign / Label Generator

Our latest creation: an easy-to-use web tool to generate labels for laser cutting:

Fully open source, and pull requests welcome! Handy for making lots of signs quickly.

@Staff note that there seems to be an issue with the Glowforge app where if you put more than three signs in at a time, the web app slows to a crawl in a matter of seconds. Wonder if there’s a memory leak?


That will come in handy. Thank you!


I played around with it a bit, generating signs.

When I bring this into AI, the artboard is 55.96 in x 22.64 in in size. Adding 3 more signs made the artboard grow to 55.96 x 36.69 inches. The GF likes 19.5 x 11 in at the moment. That is probably why the GFUI slows to a crawl.

Still useful, just know I need to edit.


Nice idea! Can’t wait to try it! :grinning:


That is amazing! My hubs wants me to make some magnetic labels for the filing cabinets in his office and that is going to make things so much easier.


This is excellent. If you could just have it default to a 20x12 artboard, it would be perfect for my uses. Of as @chris1 would might suggest, a 5x3 ratio.

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Very cool!

Yes, as noted, the UI will bog down if you load enormous designs. But if you could open a ticket (email support or post in problems & support) that would be terrific.


Simple and useful, thanks!

May is suggest that it centres the text in the box please.

Thank you

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5:3 isn’t the solution. I feel like maybe you’re teasing me here, but I’m going to take the bait anyway and repeat myself for the zillionth time. You don’t need to use the hack of making the artboard 5:3 if the SVG file has real-world units in it.

In this case, not only is this tool already generating files with real-world units (in this case, mm) in it, but it’s also open source, so rather than a hack around the limitations of a program we have no control over, it can just be fixed to do the right thing.

The reason the output files are so huge is that it’s doing a strange thing where it sets the width to the size of the browser window:

paper.setSize(Math.round($(window).width())+'mm', canvasHeight);

I’d submit a pull request, but it’s already after midnight and I’m about ready to fall down.


This is awesome, thank you for sharing!

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Random unsolicited interface note:
Presumably, since only one font is implemented right now, the plan is to maintain a list of working fonts, and limit the user to those?

If that’s the case, a text field for name entry is way too open ended and prone to user error. What you want is a select box.


Not teasing. I tagged you for sure since you have invested so much energy in issues like this. Figured you might have a good work around or be able to diagnose the problem and even offer a solution. And you came through!

I guess just need to go back and read through your posts and not miss-represent you. Your analysis is just fine, but coming up with a short rendition of it is hard for me. I’ve used the 20x12 art board to get absolute positioning on the bed surface and that’s for me what it is all about. I’ve never had any problems with dimensions of my images from the start with Inkscape except a few do-overs when I was transitioning from .91 to .92 on various computers and some had different scalings.


That’s fair actually, since I think I deleted the post with all the gory details.

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It is weird to use window width here… I would just make paper width as wide as the widest sign.