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I have a great couple of friends who look and live the hipster life (and I mean that in the best possible way… craft cocktails, mid-century decor, the whole bit). Of course they have a beautiful little stand-alone turntable for classic vinyl tiki lounge music.

Cutting to the chase, I made them two of the Retro Turntable designs. Looks great, a bit of a PITA to assemble if you have fat fingers and little patience, but it does work.

A couple caveats:
There are parts that look like different color wood, but all the visible stuff is on the plywood pattern. I made two of those, one with blond wood and one with dark, and mixed and matched as I thought looked good.
For the records, I had the brilliant idea of making them black acrylic. Looks awesome, but I put a “personalized” label on the record (with the semi-circle and gentle bottom arc text tools). You could not see it. I ended up getting titanium white acrylic paint and pounced it into the text grooves using the tape as a mask. You can also fill it in and wipe clean, but that puts paint into the record grooves and is VERY hard to remove.
Follow assembly instructions carefully. Some of the really tiny parts are needed. Also there is a mistake in the record base top. The center should be an etched circle, not a cut. Fix before you cut and have to glue it back in.
Again, following instructions carefully, the order of the three spacers matters. They are NOT the same size.


Waiting patiently for pictures!

I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a score (which is a non-successful cut)

Interesting - the very center is supposed to be a cut - if it’s etched or scored it won’t fit onto the pin on the record player


Unless you mean the part in the 2nd picture which is this in the design:
in which case I think that’s cut out so you can spin the record…but I haven’t put it together so I can’t be sure :slight_smile:


It does hold the record


I did not get the spacers in my file. did I miss something

It is the drawing with the three U shaped pieces. Each is a slightly different depth so the stored “records” can be pinched to draw out one by one and you see all by looking down at the whole thing. The first one I made reversed the order, so the top record sticks out the most and looks strange.

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I found it… I’m in LOVE. Didn’t have the thick board so doubled the medium.