Free with premium Stitching Pony

Images to follow soon

I started doing leather on the glowforge (lot of fun, but expensive) and realized I needed a stitching pony. I found the design in the catalog. BRILLIANT. Cut nicely, good instructions for assembly, and it looks pro. Review of use to follow later, but an awesome pattern!


I’ve cut the stitching pony and used it to sew. I found it to be a bit of a pain putting together because it required a ton of finger strength getting the wood bits to slide on.

Also when I did it (this was a while ago), there was a step to slide the wood on, then suddenly I needed to remove it to do something else.

All in all, works like a dream, though I needed to put a little bit of oil on it to make the motion more fluid (so my thick draftboard looks a little gross from it), and I needed a mallet to put it together because of the muscle involved in getting those pieces to sit flush.


Good to know it may be a little tough to put together. I haven’t made it yet, but need to.


Didn’t even consider mentioning the tightness of the parts, I just got my little hammer and a bit of scrap board and went for it. Glad it worked for you!