Free xmas designs from Rowmark


I just received a USB drive with some free designs from Rowmark.
If anyone wants some, let me know and I can send them to you. Just indicate what file type.
They are free to share. They are scaled down to 16.7% in the PDF…so technically you could use this and enlarge them…
Rowmark.pdf (1.3 MB)


Those are very nice…lots of cool snowflakes! :smiley:


The little reindeer shaped ones are my favorites. :slight_smile:


Missed Rudy! He’s cute! :relaxed:


I would love the designs but I’ll leave the file type up to you. As long as the glowforge can cut them in game. I use illustrator and I have Inkscape if that matters in the decision on which file type you want to send.


Which version of Illustrator?


Creative cloud


Nice! And Christmas is even spelled correctly unlike the last batch of Christmas vectors I bought. I’d love to get a copy in any format that CorelDraw X7 can work with. Thanks!


I can send them direct since they are already on Corel X4 format


Ok I’ll see if I can get it to convert correctly…


Awesome, Stephanie! I would love a copy! I primarily use Illustrator CS5 but could probably convert from most any vector fomat. Thanks so much!


Wow, thanks for sharing!! Worth it for those snowflakes alone :snowflake:

Edit: I saved the PDF and opened it up in Illustrator and all the linework was preserved, so it may not be necessary to convert!


the pdf has vector data. AI can open it just fine (although you will have to decide on a color-mode, as the pdf contains both RGB and CMYK elements, and AI does not like a shared color-space).
I would assume Corel can open it too.[quote=“smcgathyfay, post:1, topic:4182”]
They are scaled down to 16.7% in the PDF…so technically you could use this and enlarge them…

Aw yea you can! The power of vectors, baby!!


Here are all of them in PDF full size which illustrator can use. Let me know if anyone has an issue with the file.Rowmark-full size.pdf (3.4 MB)


Thanks. These opened up easily enough in Inkscape as vectors. Now I can have that ornament making party I’ve always wanted!


Thanks so much. That is so very generous! :smile:


Thank you!

I love free designs!


I had no trouble opening in Illustrator CS5–thanks again!


I would love the snow flakes and reindeer. I use Corel Draw (as you recommended).

PS I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas.


The pdf files I loaded will open just fine in corel.:smile: