Freebie lens wipe in my GF

Just had to share this–inattention to detail?

Was doing a more thorough cleaning of my GF, taking a look at & cleaning the fans if needed, and noticed this odd thing laying in the back corner between the PCBA and the 4" exhaust fan. Not the brand of wipes I bought (Ziess).

And the amount of dust in the back, and none where the wipe was (the back side of it covered w/ dust too, of course) all suggest that it was left in there from the factory. (And besides I’ve never shown a flashlight in that back corner before).

So besides more attention needed by assemblers/final inspection to ensure the unit does not have any foreign bodies left in it, seems adding a dust cover over the PCBA would be a good thing for longevity of the components, reduce fire risk, and eliminate chance of damage to the components/connections from customers trying to clean back there…


I had the same thought, that a baffle above the left side components would encourage a more direct route of exhaust evacuation, and keep the area underneath cleaner.


We have lasers. Build one. :wink:


Yes, I could :thinking: but having worked in years with product quality & failure analysis, might help minimize field issues & thus GF’s own costs on the support/returns… (and yes, I do look at their job postings once & a while–but I don’t want to work full time or commute than much again!) :wink:

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