Freelance work

Anyone out there do freelance design work for the GF? I need to someone who can take my ideas and make a file for me, and send it over to me so I can load the forge and hit print!

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What’s your budget? What’s your timeline? What’s the relative complexity of what you’re asking? Where are you located (timezones might matter) If you’re looking to hire someone, it might be helpful to write this like a real job posting.

The way it’s written now is not enough to go on.

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Thanks for your input. As this is NOT a job posting, but merely a simple question, I’ll leave it as it is.

I think he’s right, some description of your “ideas” and how you intend to communicate them. Pictures, or drawings? A little clearer picture of what you need might scare up some help.

Perhaps youre right. I need mostly simple things…like picture frame pieces…with joints etc. Ill update my posting

Your best bet for simple things like this is Esty .

I can do freelance stuff.

Always looking. What sort of stuff are you looking to do?

I’m always up for it, fire me a message!

Depending on what you need, I would be willing to give it a go. I am still new to laser engraving, but I can work some simpler designs.

I’m available as well.

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