Fresh batch of leather covers for 3.5 in moleskin

These are made with 4 to 5 Oz leather. The big Loops are for using a pen to hold them closed. When I get one completely stitched up I’ll post another picture


Can’t wait to see the finished ones! I really like that design that includes the pencil loop—very handy.


Will be looking forward to see the completed work.

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Nice to create exactly what we need!



Finished and sewed up


Oh yeah, very nice indeed! I like that the pen/pencil acts as a closure for the notebook.


I need to make a notebook cover for a 5x7 notebook. How do you go about getting the correct sizing while designing? ALso do you sell you notebook svg’s?

for stitching, what I have found for most notebooks is that if I leave a 1/4 in. extra on all the sides, that gives me 1/8 in. for stitching and 1/8 in. of flex room. Some journals have thicker coverstock than moleskins, so this lets me use off brand if I can find it. So for instance, for a 5x7 I would actually make the cover 5.5" x 7.5" and put my stitching line 1/8in from the edge. I have never thought about selling the plans, I will see if I can upload the .svg
Small Mole2


i have a question on stitching spacing. is there a rule of thumb for the spacing regarding the weight of the leather? or is it usually an aesthetic thing? and spacing it just what is functional and looks good?

some of it is aesthetics, I like closer spacing for my smaller journals and wider for my larger book covers. I like my holes to be around 3mm and make a scatter brush in illustrator. then I just play with the spacing (in the brush settings) to make sure that it will work well on the design. It also depends on the stitch (cross stitch/ blanket stitch/ baseball stitch, etc.). Most of my leather is 4-6 oz so I like the wax thread look, but I have a big book cover that I used lace from tandy. If you are going to use lace, then the spacing needs to be pretty spread out.


Thanks for the additional insight!

Thank you so much for your help!

That is really nice! Love the pen securing the notebook. Nice touch!