Friends hackerspace logo art pieces


Some friends of mine run a hackerspace (makerspace) called the Rabbit Hole, they gave me a dxf of their logo and I used Inkscape to convert it to svg. Then made these:

Using medium draftboard and walnut veneer proofgrade materials. Came out pretty nice.


Came out very nice–they’ll be thrilled!


Sweet! I’m fond of the one on the right, but you have the right idea. The positive you cut leaves a negative :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was intending to just make the one on the right, but I figured “why not use the left over pieces to make the inverse.” It came out pretty decent too.

Might not be clear from the pics, but the walnut veneer is cut out on the right one where the whiteboard pieces are and those pieces are set into the spaces in the left one.


Sweet logo for a hackerspace. Smart to make the inverse, too!


Very cool. I’m not sure what I’m seeing. Are those inlayed? What’s the black shading made out of?


I think they’re just shadows. Pretty awesome!!


The black you see is shadows and the laser burn on the white wood inside edges where it was cut.


Pretty cool how thin the material got on the draftboard!


Hey great job!


Measured with calipers, and the thin parts are mostly 0.5 mm, but the thinnest part (between the teeth) is 0.35 mm.