Friendship bracelet maker

My daughter is learning how to make friendship bracelets so I designed and cut out two of these, sandwiched them together with glue, then put a small eye hook through it. (7.6 KB)

If you make it, post a picture!

Or if you have advice, send it over!

Version 2 with string slots at the bottom: (6.4 KB)


Oh, maybe grooves on the bottom spaced out to keep the threads in order.


Thanks! Is the middle score line how long a typical bracelet would be?


What I did was engrave the arrow tip, score the line, cut the box.

The length of the strings you need depends on how many strings you are using / thickness of the bracelet, and I think I made my last one when I was about 10, but I am sure there are more knowledgable people on this forum! And maybe even a calculator somewhere! :slight_smile:

@CMadok you’d need to keep moving the strings, unless you attached to the back of the base of the board a circular wheel with grooves that rotates, so you could rotate the wheel as you made the next knot. Might be cool!


Hmm, I was thinking more like loose grooves. I know when we make friendship bracelets at home, the hardest part is remembering which strings we’ve already tied when it starts flipping around. We’ve got a holder that has tight knobs at the bottom that clamps the string in place until you need to move it. It also helps keeps the threads nice and tight.

This is the one we have:


Ooo, I like that… If she gets into it, I will get this. (though she is 5 years old right now, so she has time) :slight_smile:

I like the idea. If I cut out upside down Y shapes in the base, it would do the trick, let me do it and re-upload for if I do it again)

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Sweet idea. Thanks for the share!


nice! I think that would work!


Oh fun! Thank you!

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