From Sketch to Digital 3D Prototyping! (Loose Tea Stand)๐Ÿƒ

Hi Guys,

Here is the process I use to create my digital prototypes so I can see how it will look like before I press the :glowforge: magic button.

Firts I do a very rough sketch.

Then Create the outlines in Illustrator.

Create the 3D Shapes in Maya, where I add pcs if needs to then update the lines in Illustrator accordingly!

Render to see it how it will look like!

Extra render now! :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s it!

Once I cut it I will create a post with it!

The clientโ€™s logo will be engraved and at the back of the Tubes, he wants to add a paper to say what flavours of tea they are!

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:


I am sure the client will love this!

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Wow, thatโ€™s quite the process! Thanks for describing it step by step.

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Very nice process, and very nice results!

Having no artistic talent myself, I feel a bit like the first step is โ€œnow draw the rest of the owlโ€, but itโ€™s still great to get a peek at how people with actual skills work.


And not just artistic talentโ€”thereโ€™s some serious 3D modeling skills going on here as well. Nice job!


I would have used Blender but I have looked it stuff like that occasionally. It is particularly interesting if you need to show the customer what it looks like before cutting it out or where the geometry is weird. Glass is sometime hard to get right and that looks real nice.

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Yeah, that 3D modeling is crazy good. Funny how you can have an idea, quickly draw a rough drawing, then in your case, model it up!


Thank you!

Great write up waiting to see product. Good luck

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