Front carriage wheels replacement

Does anyone have suggestions on how to remove this bearing from carriage wheel? I’ve already replaced the broken wheel but I want to replace this one also so they are same.

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Does this help?

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Thanks. It does to some extent. I already replaced one (the white one shown in pic. It was the wheel that was broken) But the other wheel in my hand is not broken so I want to remove it from the bearing and save it for emergency. Only I can’t get it off the bearing. I had wanted both wheels to be same.

They are not designed to separate. It is one-piece.

Replacements come with the bearing. Forcing it will likely just break something.

Never seen a white replacement, though.


The plastic wheel I replaced was totally broken. The bearing was good. I bought just the replacement wheel that was highly recommended. It’s machined from Delrin, not 3D printed. Now in hindsight, I guess I should have purchased the entire wheel with the bearing.

Ah, so not from Glowforge.

I would never do it, but if you want them to match up, then you could try breaking the other wheel so that you can use that bearing.

You could try pressing the bearing out if you have suitable tools.


I bought replacement wheels from Glowforge. I think that is the way to go.


yes, I should have. I was trying to hurry and get it running quickly.

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I think that is superior to any other polymer for that application, at least from my limited understanding of the materials.

Other pictures I have seen of white wheels made me think the company had taken steps to correct the issue of the black replacements prone to failure.
The original black ones on my 4 year old machine are fine.

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