Full Enclosure Box With Infeed/Outfeed Table for Pro Passthrough

I wanted to build a full enclosure box to run the Glowforge as quietly as possible.

Features include:
-20 dB noise reduction compared to Glowforge as shipped, 90 dB → 70 dB
-48" Passthrough infeed and outfeed table
-ability to remove ends of enclosure box for cuts >48"
-ability to see print without opening box
-storage for Glowforge shipping box under enclosure box
-air inlet comprised of baffle box project (see earlier post)
-air outlet comprised of insulated drier vent in isolated compartment
-no issues with air circulation, or cooling so
-enclosure box made from 3 full sheets of 3/4" ply with woodworking tools, 2x4s for understructure

Cons of box:
-time to build
-large footprint
-necessary to seal air cracks to get full noise reduction
-heavy with 3/4" ply
-partial disassembly of box required to access Glowforge for repairs (none yet)

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about this project.


If anyone would like the SketchUp file for dimensions, here it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pergjSbzWp0OefPT7oMSlFyib3Is7AnO

You can download a free version of SketchUp at https://help.sketchup.com/en/downloading-older-versions


Wow, nice job! Especially the feeds!

FWIW, though not it’s intended use and probably unsanctioned, the compact filter mode is excellent for reducing noise with an inline booster fan (if your fan has the oomph needed). Mine runs about 54-56 decibels. I was monitoring it, but the dog sneezed and spiked the reading.


And I don’t have a sound meter, but I will say that a simple insulated duct did a great deal to cut noise for the average person who doesn’t have space or tooling to make that giant awesome infeed box thing.


I love the feedstock support, but how easy is it to remove the crumbtray? That is the only routine thing, and then probably depends on how many tiny cutouts you make to fall into it, I can think of that requires more than opening the lid.

There is enough clearance to open the front fold down door and remove the crumb tray, for what I do I don’t have to all that often :slight_smile:

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What an amazing build!

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