Full Size Team Fortress 2 Sentry

Hi all! I made a full size functional TF2 sentry. Lots of details here, including a link to the Fusion 360 files and github files for the onboard raspberry pi. It’s a mix of 3D Printing and laser cut pieces. I went with laser cutting where ever I could get away with it because it’s sooooo much faster, easier, and precise!

Here are the files: link
These are generated from the Fusion 360
And the F360 project: https://a360.co/399H3Tv


Welcome, @marty1, and thanks for sharing! The rules for the Free Files area stipulate that your post must contain a file. Would you like me to move this to Made on a Glowforge for you?

That’s beautifully done - and with the banana to scale too :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh sorry! Does my the edit I just made work?

They’re links, not files, so nope, sorry! It would be perfectly fine over in MOAG, though. :slight_smile:

Ah ok! Yes, would you please move it over? Thanks!